UNI T UT203 40 400A Digital Clamp Meters Auto Range Kaw Capacity 28mm Continuity Buzzer New Diagnostic tools

sanwa lp1, mcb

Phase Analyzer

600ohm/6kohm/60kohm/600kohm/6mohm. High sensitivity. 189 x 70 x 39mm. 30khz. Wholesale auto detailing. 179mm x 67mm x 36 mm. As the discription. Tester leakage210mm * 75.6mm * 30 mm. Lcd tester multi. Dcm600dr. 200ω. Center-210. Center222. Pinza amperimetrica ac dc. 2 x 1.5, aaa or equivalent. 6a/60a/100a(ac/dc). Ooznest. Dcv 200m/2v/20v/200v+-0.5%, 600v±0.8%. 1a80302. 

Wholesale 1000 Meters Flashlight

New water toy. 18 ~ 28 degree centigrade. 275*120*33mm. Roller beds. Adjusting gauge. Clamp aluminium. 150l * 63w * 28h(mm). 250mm*99mm*43mm. 40nf-4000μ. 220mm x 75mm x 40mm. 400m/4/40/400/600v3 x 1.5v aaa battery ( not included ). 600/6.6k/66k/660k/6.6m/66m ohm. Ljk10008. Digital clamp meter multimeter. 

20mm Kit

Watt clamp meter. Wholesale insulation tester megger. Current probe tektronix. Jinbei 400w. Phase angle meters. Wholesale tools electric. Vc202. Tm-1017. Wholesale cutter bolts. Wholesale birthplace earth. 

Frequency Measures

Ut631. Ms5208. Multifunctional voltmeter ammeter ohmmeter. -20°c to 750°c. 236mm * 97mm * 40mm. Dimensions: : 50hz/500hz/5000hz/50khz/100kh. 600/6k/60k/600k/6m/60mohm. Digital data loggers. 235 x 85 x 40mm. 13.5 * 9 * 3.5cm / 5.31 * 3.54 * 1.38in. 

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