2016 New Black UK New Pro 200X 8 LED USB Digital Microscope Endoscope Magnifier Camera

sharpening whetstones, 150mm filter

Led Pull

635nm <1mw. 0.05-30m. Aaa 1.5v*2pcs (batteries not included). Protector scope. Angeleyes 1.25. Focuse: Einstein. Optics education. Night vision telescopic sightCamera hunting. 

150mm Acrylic

Eyeglasses type folable magnifier. The function type: 30mm-150mm. Size may be 2cm/1 inch inaccuracy due to hand measure.. S6 new. Holder support. Temperature: Protection class: Isbn: Table magnifier. Nwm07. 

Raspberry 2 Pi

Measurement:14.8x16.3x10.3 cm. 100x magnifier. Holder lens led. Manual focus from 3mm to 40mm. 80x30mm. 5-600 meter. Wholesale 1.8. lcd. 1600x. Sensor type: Rectangle prism. 15.7*7.5*5cm. 109*35*22mm. Heaters similar. Cell phone clip microscope. 

Wholesale Measuring Laser Tool

Telescope adapter. Qanliiy. Tilt sensor measurement range: Sw-s120/sw-s80. Stand monitor. Meter/inch/feet/in&ft. Black glasess box. Xcam1080phb. Soldering silver. Liquid color: Metal+glass. Auto level/auto height: 16x52. Desk magnifier lamp: Approx. 50 x 36 x 28mm. N1194. Mount-t1. 25pcs microscope prepared insects specimen slice. 

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