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I feel bad for you getting pubstomped. Now you know how you made countless other people feel. Payback is a bitch. I am not pissed that I am not better anymore, in fact is is quite the opposite and making such an assumption was rather naive of you. You don’t know how good I am, and I don’t know how good you are, thus I will never comment on how badly or well a person plays on this forum. Also, I know exactly how it feels to get pup stomped myself. As i clearly stated in my first post, I had a 0. The problem is that this system seems to only take KD into consideration.

Black Ops 2 PS3 & Xbox 360 Patch Fixes Freezing, Matchmaking

Conviently overlooking issues or not remembering correctly all the flaws they once. Some areas better than others, but issues persist nonetheless. However, I think we can all agree that the matchmaking system in Black Ops 2 is. What happened to Call of Duty Zombies? BO3 21 13 comments.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2: the infamous recent installments of the best-selling Call of Duty. Series.. Also the subject of debates, criticism, praise, and realization; all of which pretty much sums up my opinion of the game. At first, Black Ops 2 (or Blops 2, as it’s known to be called now) strikes you as brand new; the setting and enemies are a fresh, new perspective.

Gameplay[ edit ] The gameplay of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 revolves around fast-paced gunfights against enemy combatants. The player will be given specific guns at the beginning of each level , but may switch them out with another gun they find. Modern Warfare 2 has three different game modes: Campaign, Spec Ops, and Multiplayer. These levels provide specific challenges, such as defusing three bombs within a short period of time.

If they are not revived by the other player, then they will die and fail the level. There are five tiers of Spec Ops levels, with each tier harder than the previous.

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Wait for a couple of minutes for the number in the top right corner to change from Restart your console to download the latest game update. Open the task manager and set Black Ops 3 to High Priority. Change the value from 4 to 2. UI Error More than a few people have complained about getting this error when trying to switch weapons. Blue screen between games Some players have reported getting a blue screen between games.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Support // Matchmaking problems for SA; Matchmaking problems for SA. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Support. Topic Options. Subscribe to RSS Feed; Mark Topic as New; CALL OF DUTY, MODERN WARFARE, CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE, CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS, CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS, CALL OF DUTY ADVANCED WARFARE, CALL OF DUTY INFINITE.

Jul 29, 8 MasterCheefKeef said: MW3 is easy mode COD. Deathstreaks and the Support setup are noob city. Flag points are laid out poorly for Domination. Sit Rep Pro is Op as fuck after it was patched. Let’s give people mini Blackbirds for a nade toss. Assault Streaks are rendered useless vs Support players. Things like damage,range, sway, etc. BO2 is filled with more bullshit than MW3. Toughness Perk is OP. Making zero footstep noise makes sense to Treyarch as well as me making audible commands known to enemies.

Xbox Live Experiencing Issues For Matchmaking In Black Ops 2 and 3, Microsoft Confirms [Update]

In BO2, supposedly there is a new “skill based matchmaking” that is present even in the public matches. I can’t seem to find a single lobby where everyone isn’t a 1. I find this to be extremely annoying for a number of reasons: I would assume that 3arch put it in the game to make the game more enjoyable for less skilled players. The problems is, no matter how bad or good all the players in the lobby are, some will still be better than others.

In this guide, we’re going to give you the solutions to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 errors and problems. Update: The topmost errors are dedicated to the final release of the game, but you can still find the beta errors by scrolling down, if you wish. Matchmaking issues Xbox , PS3 and PC players are having problems finding a match on BO3.

Matchmaking call of duty black ops 2 Most viewed Probably both. Still, i freaking love that gun, especially with the irons on. T he annual call of duty has become a little like watching the funfair return to town. Filter all games that can be joined by proximity to the player. Please complete the security check to access teambeyond. Curious how matchmaking works for black ops 2? Activision, call of duty, modern warfare, call of duty modern warfare, call of duty black ops, call of duty ghosts, call of duty advanced warfare, call of duty infinite warfare, and the call of duty world league logo are trademarks of activision publishing, inc.

The second variable is your region. Pick 10 system is awesome and has made me a better player too. Gamestm magazine scored 6 for. Sitemapadvertisepartnershipscareersprivacy policyad choiceterms of use. Yes you finally got me lag comp is the only problem i am seeing in this game, but remember people complained about freezing problems and that is fixed now and this is treyarch they fixed blops 1 with patchs, this isnt infinity ward this is treyarch you just have to give them time.

Skill based matchmaking making people cry. So since this game requires a good amount of skill no deathstreaks or that bullcrap they come here and complain more because their beloved ghost and second chance is gone.

CoD: Black Ops

Multiple forum members have reported on the game’s official forums that Black Ops 2 is suffering from connectivity and freezing problems. This freezing issue — which I’ve experienced first-hand — is not limited to the “inferior” PS3 version of Black Ops 2. Although it seems to be more apparent on Sony’s platform and the connectivity issue is not helping things in anyway for PS3 Call of Duty players. Activision Support’s official Twitter tweeted the following in response to PS3 users complaining about the connectivity issues they’ve had with the game’s multiplayer:

According to the EU PlayStation forums, a number of users are unable to claim the Nuketown download code that comes with each first-print copy of Black Ops 2 or the Nuketown Zombies download code included in either of the Black Ops 2 collectors editions.

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Black Ops 2 vs. Modern Warfare 3

The Xbox patch for Black Ops 2 is live now and fixes a number of cheats, exploits and — worst of all — issues with spawn locations. So the patch that appeared on the 17 November for PS3 gamers should have resolved many of the issues. Xbox Black Ops 2 Patch Notes:

Black Ops uses all this to its advantage to create my favorite story for the series to date. It begins with a setup that works perfectly for the late’s cold war era in which the game takes place.

Often collectively described as lag, these factors can lead to a host of in-game performance issues, including: Rubber banding — Your character is running toward a destination and then jumps back to where it was a few seconds prior. Stuttering — An effect that makes your character appear to freeze and skip ahead while moving. Hit marker delays — When it appears you have landed several shots on an enemy, yet the enemy is able to kill you with fewer shots fired back.

Lag can also result in your getting booted from a match or from the multiplayer lobby while matchmaking. What can contribute to lag? Your ping can be found on the Network Status screen within Call of Duty: See more about Internet Service Providers below. You may, however, consider hardware improvements.

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